Disney World Wedding Cost: What Are the Packages?

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There’s not much information about there about the realities of Disney World wedding cost and expenses. How much does a Disney World wedding cost in reality? If you’re planning a Disney World wedding, how much do you have to spend to get that special magic on your big day?

I’ve wanted to get married at Disney World for as long as I can remember. Since childhood, I’ve been obsessed with researching Disney World weddings. I know all bout the different packages, what you can expect, and the prettiest upgrades. Since the popularity of Freeform’s Disney Fairytale Weddings Show, this question of the Disney World wedding cost has only been asked more and more.

So how much does a Disney World wedding cost? In this article we’ll discuss the different Disney World wedding packages so you can determine if there’s an option that fits your budget. Believe it or not, YES, you can host a Disney World wedding on a budget. You might not get that spectacular castle view and a huge guest list, but you’ll still get that Disney Magic when you say “I do.”

Disney World Wedding Packages

This guide is only going to talk about Disney World wedding packages in Florida. We’ll start at the big-bucks events and go to the less expensive packages. Check the Disney Wedding’s website for the most recent pricing. Note that all the pricing below is the minimum pricing. Yep, that means it only goes up from there!


The wishes package is one of the most expensive. You need at least 18 guests (in addition to the couple), and you have a lot of options for designing a ceremony you love. You can choose a number of romantic locations like the wedding pavilion, theme park locations (including the magic kingdom), and a few resort locations.

Cost: $12,000+


If you want a smaller affair with your closest friends and family, the Escape package might be a better fit for you. It’s a smaller ceremony than Wishes, but you still get a lot of customizations to choose from. The Escape package includes up to 18 guests (in addition to the couple).

There are a limited number of theme park and resort locations available for this package. There are “premium” locations like the wedding pavilion or the Canada pavilion in Epcot as well as “deluxe” locations like the Boardwalk Resort, Yacht Club Resort, and Polynesian Village Resort.

Cost: $7,000+


I like to think of the memories package as the eloping package. If you only need 4 guests (in addition to the couple), and a private setting, this is a great pick. This is the most budget-friendly option, and the ceremony and reception are limited to resort locations.

Cost: $3,500+

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How is the Disney World Wedding Cost Calculated?

How do you calculate the full price of your wedding? In general, you’ll need to add up your ceremony fee, location fee, and any add-ons, including food and beverages for guests.

For the Wishes package, the forumla is as follows: (Number of guests) x (Food and beverage minimum per person) + Ceremony fee + Enhancement Minimum = Total cost. Enhancements are any extras like florals, photography, or transporation.

Most locations have enhancements minimums you need to reach. As you can image, the more in-demand locations have higher enhancement minimums. For Magic Kingdom after hours, for example, the minimum expenditure is $50,000.

How Much Are Extras?

How much do extras cost your Disney World wedding? Like with most things, it depends. It will depend on the day of the week and time of day, as well as what you choose. Here are a few of the most common “extras” and their cost.

  • Dinner reception – $190.00 per person
  • Ceiling and room treatments – $2,885.00
  • Bridal bouquet – $250.00+
  • Vocalist – $1,550
  • Cinderella’s Glass Coach – $3,500
  • Magic Kingdom Portrait Session – $2,400
  • Disney Character Actor (30-minutes) – $1,325

Things add up quickly in Disney World! However, it’s completely possible to have a budget Disney World wedding as long as you avoid the extras that come with some of the more popular locations. If you have a simple, intimate wedding, you can do it at half the cost!

Disney World Wedding Cost Defined

What do you think about the cost of Disney World weddings? Is it in your budget? Is it something you think is worth the expense? With the average couple in the United States spending between $19,000 and $32,000 on their wedding, it’s not a huge surprise that Disney World weddings are so popular.

Is a Disney World wedding in your future? As for me, I’m still on the fence! One of the smaller packages might be a good fit, but I’ll just have to wait and see. How much is an “I do” at the castle really worth?

Disney World Wedding Cost Statistics and Information about Packages
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