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How to Make the Most of Your Time at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Disney World

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disney World

If you’re planning a trip to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World, you need to know how to maximize your time. There’s so much to see and do in this galaxy far, far away, so I wanted to create a full guide to making the most of your time at Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge Disney World!

Whether you’re a new fan of Star Wars or a die-hard nerf herder like myself, there’s something exciting for you in Galaxy’s Edge! That being said, if you’re not strategic, time can quickly get away from you in this land. Hollywood Studios can get awfully crowded no matter the time of year, so here is how to make the most of your time at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World!

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge WDW

When is the best time of year to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge?

First, let’s talk about the best time of year to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Disney World. As a Florida resident and Orlando native, I have a lot of perks when it comes to visiting the park at off times.

I have a full guide to the best times of the year to visit Disney World, but let’s focus on Galaxy’s Edge in particular.

You’ll want to visit during the school year, if possible, and steer clear of holiday weekends. Visiting during the week is also a great idea since a lot of locals are taking a trip to the park to see Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge on the weekend.

I would suggest visiting between September – November or February – April, if possible. Finally, if you get the chance to visit during a hurricane (or near a hurricane) this is a surprisingly great time to explore a near-empty park as I just discovered during opening weekend with Hurricane Dorian nearby.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Storm Troopers

What time should I get to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge?

Now let’s talk about timing. This will come down to one factor: are you staying on property? If you’re staying at a hotel at Disney World, you should take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours. For the first few months after opening, these will be offered from 6 – 9 am most days.

Check the Extra Magic Hours available during your visit to see when the best time is to explore Galaxy’s Edge. I’d highly recommend taking advantage of these Extra Magic Hours since the park will be much less crowded!

If you’re not able to visit during Extra Magic Hours or you’re staying on property, try to visit as soon as the park opens. It’s a hidden secret that the park will often open a bit earlier than it says, and that was the case with Pandora in Animal Kingdom. Arriving an hour to 30-minutes before the park’s open time is a great strategy.

Know your must-dos before you arrive

Next, make sure you know exactly what you want to do in Star War’s Galaxy Edge before you get to the park. Odds are you won’t be able to do everything, so having your priorities in order is your best way to maximize your time in the park.

Some of the most popular attractions are:

  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run – Climb aboard the famous Millennium Falcon as a pilot, shooter, or engineer.
  • Savi’s Workshop: Handbuilt Lightsabers – Build your own lightsaber in this interactive workshop.
  • Droid Depot – Build your own working droid in this hands-on activity.
  • Oga’s Cantina – Party in the cantina with a few alcoholics or non-alcoholic drinks (standing room only).

It’s possible to do a few of these, but it’s a smart idea to pick out which are your must-dos right now. Other attractions and food won’t likely have as long as a wait such as:

  • Milk Stand – Taste some of the classic blue milk from across the galaxy — yum!
  • Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo – A quick-service location with Star War’s themed fare.
  • Ronto Roasters – A quick-service location with a small selection of galaxy delicacies and drinks.
Vegan food Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Vegan option at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo Hold

How do I find Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge?

How do you find Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge within Hollywood Studios? If you don’t know where the new land is located, follow this guide.

As soon as you enter the park at the front gate, keep to your left. Continue around Echo Lake towards Star Tours. Once you’ve reached Star Tours, continue towards Muppets 3D.

You’ll see the New York City landscape followed by a large tunnel. The tunnel is to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge!

There’s an alternative entrance to Galaxy’s Edge through Toy Story Land, but this will be the fastest way to get there from the entrance of the park.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Smugglers Run

How to ride Smuggler’s Run

The crown jewel of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Disney World is the new Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction. This is an interactive, family-friendly ride that brings everyone right into the action.

As of right now, there is no FastPass+ availability for Smuggler’s Run. That means you can’t get a FastPass in advance through the My Disney Experience app.

There are only two options: stand-by and single rider. Single rider is only available during high-volume times.

As of recently, I haven’t noticed the stand-by entrance going beyond 95 minutes, though that could change on particularly high-traffic days.

Should I ride Smuggler’s Run single rider or stand by?

I can’t answer this question for you. If you don’t mind being split up and the line is over 90+ minutes, I would recommend doing single rider. You can still see the queue and enjoy the attraction, however, you won’t get to choose your position on the ride.

Riders are able to choose if they want to be a pilot, gunner, or engineer. The pilot position is notoriously the best, so this likely won’t be available for single rider. I still had a great time regardless, but keep this in mind.

Star Wars Oga's Cantina Drinks

Do I need a reservation for Oga’s Cantina?

While a reservation is a great thing to have, they’re pretty much impossible to make at this point. You can try to make a reservation before your visit using My Disney Experience, but it’s unlikely that you’ll find one.

The good news is that you don’t need a reservation for Oga’s Cantina. I was able to walk in with minimal wait. It is standing room only, and each guest is currently limited to 2 drinks and a 45-minute stay.

If you’re not sure, visit the cantina and put your name on the list for walk-ins. Most likely there won’t be a long wait!

Oga's Cantina Star Wars Disney World

What’s the best way to make the most of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge?

Now onto the strategy. While you might adjust this plan based on your own must-dos, here’s the recommended way to visit the land from someone who’s visited several times.

  • Once you enter the park, head directly to Star Wars Land.
  • Immediately get in the stand-by line for Millennium Flacon: Smuggler’s Run. If you’ve come after park opening, consider single rider if it’s available.
  • Once you’ve ridden, enjoy breakfast at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.
  • Visit either the lightsaber workshop or Droid Depot.
  • Get in line for Oga’s Cantina. Once inside, take advantage of your 45-minute stay.
  • After a yummy drink, pick up some snacks from Ronto Roasters (I recommend the Ronto Wrap).
  • Walk around the land, keeping an eye out for wandering characters and Storm Troopers.
  • Top off your visit with some Blue Milk from the Milk Stand!

That’s all there. Take a look at the map before you visit to make sure you know your way around. When in doubt, it’s a big loop!

There’s so much to explore in Star War’s Galaxy Edge Disney World. It’s easily become my favorite land in the entire park!

Maximize your time in Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge

These tips above will make sure you make the most of your stay in Batuu. If you’re visiting for the first time, it’s possible to see it all and have a great time.

Even with large crowds, Galaxy’s Edge is guaranteed to be a great place to explore. Bright suns, travelers!

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