Is Victoria & Alberts Worth It? Disney World Review

Victoria and Alberts Disney World

I’ve wanted to dine at Victoria & Alberts for years, and I finally got the opportunity to do just that in January of 2017. Before I went on the dining experience of a lifetime, I had a lot of questions. Mainly, is Victoria & Alberts worth it?

As one of the best restaurants at Disney World, let alone in the country, it’s normal to be a bit intimidated. I’m certainly not a fine dining expert! I didn’t know what to expect, or if it would be worth the money.

That’s why I wanted to write down my own mini-guide to Victoria & Alberts at Disney World. This way, you’ll be able to decide if Victoria & Alberts is worth it to you, how much it costs, and how to plan your trip.

Where is Victoria & Alberts located at Disney World?

If you’re wondering where to find Victoria & Alberts at Disney World, it’s hiding in plain sight. Victoria & Alberts is located in Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort on the second floor. The doors are discreetly located right next to Citricos.

I had to ask for directions within the Grand Floridian since I couldn’t find it! The doors are very grand, but they don’t attract much attention. The best way to find it is to head to Citricos.

Where is Victoria and Alberts located?

What is Victoria & Alberts?

Victoria & Alberts is a AAA Five Diamond Award Winner and Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star rated restaurant at Disney World. It’s the most expensive and luxurious dining experience located at Disney World and in Central Florida.

Victoria & Alberts serves modern American cuisine with food sourced from around the globe. The culinary team takes on cuisine as an art form, and this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.

How much does Victoria & Alberts cost?

Here’s the big question. How much does Victoria & Alberts cost at Disney World? Your dinner at Victoria & Alberts can cost anywhere from $185 – $250 per meal.

How much you pay will depend on how many courses you have and whether you opt for a wine pairing. You can have anywhere from 7 to 10 courses in a few different dining settings. The price does not include tax and gratuity, so calculate that into your budget. If you choose to add a wine pairing, your price will increase by $65+ depending on your drink selection.

How many courses do you get at Victoria & Alberts?

There are two primary dining packages at Victoria & Alberts. You can choose between a 7-course dinner and a 10-course meal. All meals are served Prix Fixe which means the price is fixed. You’ll have an option of choosing a few things from the set menu.

You also have the option of adding a wine pairing to either the 7-course or 10-course meal. The only time when you’ll have more flexibility between the 7 and 10-course meal is if you choose the Chef’s Table experience.

What dining rooms are at Victoria & Alberts?

There are 3 main dining rooms at Victoria & Alberts in Disney World. The largest room is the Victoria & Alberts Dining Room, and you can choose either the 7-course meal or the 10-course meal in this space. The next room is Queen Victoria’s room which is much more intimate and only seat 4 tables. This is only for those purchasing the 10-course meal. Finally, the last room is Chef’s Table which is a private room for a single group.

What dining rooms are at Victoria & Alberts?

What’s the dress code at Victoria and Alberts?

First, all guests must be over the age of 9 years old, need to adhere to the dress code at Victoria & Alberts. Men need to wear dinner jackets with dress pants or slacks. Ties are optional, and Victoria & Alberts has dinner jackets that are available to borrow.

Women can wear cocktail dresses or other formalwear, including pantsuits or skirts. There are no jeans, capri pants, sandals, or sneakers allowed. This is definitely an upscale dining experience, so dress to impress!

How do I make a reservation at Victoria & Alberts?

There are a few ways to make a reservation at Victorian & Alberts. The easiest way is to book through MyDisneyExperience. However, space is limited, so you might need to book as much as 6 months in advance to find seating.

Additionally, you can call (407) 939-3862 to make a reservation. If you want to eat at the Chef’s Table, you’ll need to call to make reservations. Again, these reservations are hard to come by. If possible, be flexible with your dates and avoid holidays.

What’s served at Victoria & Alberts?

The menu at Victoria & Alberts changes regularly. If you have any dietary concerns, definitely call the restaurant in advance to let them know. I’m a vegetarian and they prepared an amazing vegetarian menu for me to enjoy. It was delicious, and they’ll cater to any allergies or dietary restrictions you need.

Sample Menu

  • Appetizer: Amuse Bouche or Imperial Caviar with Oysters
  • Entre 1: Maine Lobster
  • Entre 2: Glacier 51 Tooth Fish and Cabbage Broth
  • Entre 3: Wild Turbot with Toasted Capers and Lemon
  • Entre 4: Honey Lacquered Rohan Duck with Sweet Potato
  • Entre 5: New Zealand Elk Tenderloin
  • Entre 6: Australian Kobe-Style Beef (additional cost)
  • Cheese selection
  • Coffee and tea selection
  • Dessert: Colston Bassett Stilton Cheesecake or Chocolate Tart

Depending on your course choice, you’ll get your selection of the options above. These menu items are always changing, but I guarantee they’re all amazing.

My Review of Victoria & Alberts

Now onto my review! Like I said before, I had anticipated visiting this restaurant for years. I planned my visit with my mom in my senior year of college, and we had to wait 6 months for our reservation.

The magic started when we first got to the Grand Floridian. Included in the price is free valet parking, so we already feel fancy just arriving to the resort. From there, we went to the waiting lounge outside of the restaurant. There are only two seatings of the night, 5:30 and 7:30. We arrived a bit early and the hostess came out promptly to check us in.

The hostess then took each party in one at a time. We were sitting in the largest room, the Victoria and Albert Dining Room, and it was amazing. I only have my bad-quality photos I hastily took. They even brought a stool for my purse!

The staff all go out of their way to make you feel at home. I didn’t at once feel intimidated by how “fancy” the experience was. Like I said, I don’t do “fine dining” a lot, so I was worried I’d feel out of my element. It wasn’t like that at all. The staff was always willing to explain anything on the menu to us, and they were incredibly patient and helpful.

I had the vegetarian menu and my mom had the regular menu. Everything was amazing! We did the 7-course meal and I’m glad we did. We were already stuffed out of our minds! My biggest tip would be to avoid filling up on the delicious bread and butter. You’ll thank yourself later.

Food at Victoria & Alberts Disney World
Sorry about my mom’s photo quality!

The entire meal took over 2 hours for us, and every second was magical. Be prepared to eat a LOT of food. It really was a massive meal. Don’t be afraid to slow down and enjoy it. There’s no rush here!

At the end of the night, the staff gave both of us a rose from Aurora’s garden to take with us. It was the most amazing dining experiences I’ve ever had! I will definitely go back.

Would I recommend Victoria & Alberts?

Since this is such a rare experience, I’m often asked if I would recommend it to others. In short, most definitely. However, be sure you plan as early as possible. It’s really hard to get a reservation unless you’re able to plan 6 months in advance. Try to be flexible with when you can go!

As for the cost, I think it’s more than worth it. Remember, this isn’t just a meal. It’s a dining experience. The food is of the highest quality, and there are so many amazing things to try here. Even the water was outstanding (it’s imported). From start to finish I was blown away. This is an investment, but it’s perfect for a special occasion.


If you’re on the fence about Victoria & Alberts, I would highly recommend it. If you’ve never experienced fine dining on this level, Disney really does it justice! There’s something for everyone here, and it’s the perfect way to explore a new side to Disney World.

Hopefully this review and guide helped you make your decision about whether Victoria & Alberts is worth it on your next Disney World trip. Would you ever eat here? Let me know in the comments!

Is Victoria & Alberts at Disney World worth it?
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