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How to Save Money on Disney World Hotels 2019

I’m back with more money-saving tips for Disney World! As a self-proclaimed Disney World cheapskate, I know a thing or two about saving money on my trips to the World. In this guide, I’m sharing the best tips for how to save money on Disney World hotels in 2019.

If you’ve checked any of the resort prices recently, it’s not cheap. Depending on the time of the year you visit, you could be looking at over $300 a night for some of the moderate resorts, not to mention $500+ on the luxury resorts. Yikes!

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Woohoo! Get your wallets ready, because here’s how to save money on Disney World hotels and resorts in 2019.

1. Rent Vacation Club Points

The biggest Disney World money-saving tips for the resorts is just to rent Disney Vacation Club points. A lot of guests didn’t even know this was an option, but it’s way easier than you think!

With this money hack, you can snag deluxe villas, suites, and more at steep discounts. Score!

So how do you do it? There are a few ways. A lot of people post their available points/rentals on David’s Vacation Club Rentals, but you can also find deals on Airbnb. If you sign up for Airbnb with my link, you’ll get an additional $40 off your first booking of $75+ so that’s a win/win.

should you stay in a hotel or an airbnb in disney world airbnb
Staying on property comes with some perks (like this view)

2. Stay at a Value Resort

I grew up staying at the value resorts, so I might be biased, but they’re pretty great. The value resorts at Disney Worlds have most of the perks of the more “exclusive” properties like cool pools, fun theming, and transportation to the parks at half the price.

If you’re careful, you can find these value resorts at under $100 a night which is a major score. These are usually even cheaper than off-property hotels.

3. Go Camping

Are you a camper? If so, you can stay at Disney’s Fort Wildness Campground. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from the Fort Wilderness Camping, and it’s not like regular camping.

The accommodations are nice, and you have most of the luxuries you’re used to–except you have to sleep outside. If you like camping, this is the best way to score a major discount on property.

4. Re-Check Your Reservation

Did you know you can re-book your Disney reservation at a lower price if the price changes? That’s right, it pays to be proactive. Check your Disney reservation travel dates in the months leading up to your trip. If the price drops, you can call Disney and re-book at the lower rate.

5. Florida Resident Deals

If you’re a Florida resident like me, you can often get the best discounts during the off-season. Disney regularly offers up to 40% off for Florida residents for select resorts on select nights, and this is the best possible deal around. Check the Disney website to see any resident discounts.

6. Use a Travel Credit Card

I’m a huge fan of credit card churning. This is the process of utilizing credit card intro periods to snag free deals and discounts. Most travel credit cards offer introductory deals like free nights at a hotel or money towards travel expenses.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Capital One Venture Card both offer between $300 – $500 in travel rewards that can be applied towards a Disney World hotel.

7. Don’t Rent a Car

Disney World now charges for parking each night at the resorts. It’s between $10 – $20 depending on the hotel, so that adds up quickly. Save big by opting out of renting a car. You can always use the Magical Express or Uber to get around the area, not to mention all the resorts offer free transportation to and from the parks.

Disney World Escape the Kids
Dole Whip at the Polynesian Resort

8. Get Free Dining

Another way to save big is by combining your dining plan with your hotel reservation. Occasionally, Disney offers a free dining plan package combined with a reservation. While rare, this is a great deal and equals big savings. Check out MouseSavers to see when this deal is offered.

9. Stay Off Property

I know, I know, this goes against the title of the post. Isn’t this about how to save money on Disney World hotels? Not how to skip the hotels altogether. Hang onto your mickey ears for a second, alright?

Staying off-property is something a great idea. You can skip the expensive resort fees, some offer transportation to the parks, and you can get more bang for your buck. I’ve stayed at off-property resorts several times and I’m always pleasantly surprised.

10. Stay During the Offseason

Finally, the best way to save on your Disney World hotel is to simply stay at less popular times. If you can’t avoid popular holidays, at least try to skip the most popular days: weekends. Monday through Friday will always be cheaper, and you’ll have more use of the property without the crowds.

If you can, stay in the spring or the fall, avoiding the major holidays. Avoid Disney World during the holidays or summer vacation when it’s transformed into a madhouse!

Saving on Disney World Hotels

You have a lot of options for saving money on Disney World hotels. From booking Disney Vacation Club points to looking for dining plan deals, all of these things vary from small to big savings.

I always say a little bit of planning goes a long way, and it’s true. The right planning when it comes to Disney World will protect your wallet and your sanity. What are your biggest Disney World hotel tips?

How to Save Money on Disney World Hotels and Resorts
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