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Where to Escape the Kids at Disney World

Okay, okay, don’t attack me but as a young adult, I’m not a huge fan of swarms of children. I realize that makes me a weirdo Disney World blogger, but it’s the truth. Sometimes you just need to escape the kids at Disney World, right?

I can’t be the only one.

In case you’re in need of a bit adult entertainment (not like that!) I’ve got you covered. I suppose I should call it something less risque like “grown-up” fun or something weird like that. No? Okay, we’ll just get into it then. Here’s how to escape the kids at Disney World and have some 18+ fun for adults.

Childcare Services

First, we need to talk about the childcare services at Disney World. I don’t have any kids of my own so this doesn’t apply to me, but sometimes you just need to ditch your kids for a while and have some adult time. At least, I assume that’s how parents feel.

If that feels like your experience, don’t forget that Disney offers a lot of childcare services. From in-room babysitting to hotel play centers, these are a great resource for parents who need a bit of an escape from their kids at Disney World. In the best way, of course.

Drinking Around the World

Would this be an adults-only Disney World list if it didn’t have Drinking Around the World? Let’s be real. Ya girl has attempted this only once right after her 21st birthday, and she still gags a bit when she thinks about that Florida beer flight.

I have a love/hate relationships with drinking around the World Showcase at Epcot. Yes, it’s fun, but it can get unpleasant really fast. The rules are simple: have a drink at every stop around the World Showcase.

Bonus points if you include the stalls during the Food & Wine Festival. (I kid, please don’t do that unless you want to go to the hospital)

If you don’t want to end up breaking the bank and vomiting your way to your resort, I highly recommend going with friends and sharing a drink in each location. It’s a great way to save money at Epcot while not going overboard. Or better yet, switch off countries and eat a lot of food in between sips.

Escaping the kids at disney world

Canadian Beer at Epcot

Guided Tours

Guided tours are a hidden treasure at Disney World. They’re also not always open to kids, which is great for times when you want to really focus. There are a LOT of tours to choose from at Disney, many of which you probably haven’t heard of. Here are some of my favorites:

Note these fill up fast! Make your reservations as early as possible.

Spa Day

If there’s one place most kids want to go, it’s anywhere but the spa. A nice, relaxing day with a massage and beyond sounds like a great way to top off a vacation.

Luckily, you can find two on-site, full-service spas at Disney World. The first is at The Grand Floridian and the other is in Saratoga Springs. Once again, make an appointment in advance if possible.

Drinking/Eating Around the Monorail

I have a second bar crawl I like to call “Drinking Around the Monorail.” If you’re not into drinks, you can change it to “Eating Around the Monorail.” Both are fun! I like to do a combination personally.

This is simple. You enjoy the best drinks/food the monorail resorts have to offer. For me, that means a Dole Whip and a trip to Sam’s Grotto at the Polynesian. Don’t forget the bar at California Grill at the Contemporary. Choose a spot under the jazz band at the Grand Floridian and you’ve got yourself a great time.

Disney World Escape the Kids

Dole Whip at the Polynesian Resort

Skip the Rides

Finally, one of the best ways to escape the kids at Disney World is to simply skip some of the most popular rides. While not always possible if you have limited time in Disney World, there’s a lot you can see at the parks outside of the rides that aren’t nearly as crowded.

Epcot and Animal Kingdom are my favorite parks for escaping the crowds and hoards of families. Here are some of my favorite kid-free spots in these parks:


  • Wine Walk – Try the Wine Walk in the World Showcase! For a flat rate around $20, sample 2 wines in Italy, Germany, and France! It’s delicious and a great way to spend an evening.
  • Windowshop – Check out the fancy stores in the World Showcase like the ones in the U.K. pavilion, Italy, France, Japan, Germany, and Morocco.
  • Watch the Shows – My favorite quiet shows are Impressions de France, The American Adventure, Reflections of China, and Canada! They’re quiet, air-conditioned, and really fun.

Animal Kingdom

  • Thirsty River Bar & Dawa Bar – There are two great bars in Animal Kingdom, one next to Everest and one in the Africa section. They have yummy cocktails and great people watching.
  • Tiffins Restaraunt & Bar – Okay, another bar, I know, but hear me out. Located near the entrance to Avatar Land, the bar at Tiffins is quiet and full of yummy food and drinks. 10/10 recommend anything on the bar menu and the bread service.
  • Jungle Trek & Wild Africa Trek – Both of these walks are full of nature and animal sights. Plus, they’re never crowded!

Late Night at Disney Springs

Disney Springs is one of my favorite places to go out for the night in Orlando. That’s saying a lot because Orlando has a ton of cool bars. After about 10 or 11 p.m. on the weekends, Disney Springs empties of most families.

Places like the Edison, the Hanger Bar, Wine Bar George, and Morimoto Asia are 21+ only after 10 at night Thursdays – Saturdays. Enjoy live music, good drinks, and no kids!

Escaping the kids at Disney World

Wine Bar George in Disney Springs

Time to Escape the Kids at Disney World

Sometimes you just need a breather when you’re surrounded by so many kids and families. We all need a break, even at Disney World!

These tips above are perfect for young adults or just anyone without kids. Who said Disney World was only for kids, am I right? Get your grown-up fun on with these ideas above! What are your favorite adult-only activities at Disney World?

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